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Reinventing Decisional Systems

There have been few breakthroughs improving strategic execution in the last twenty to thirty years. Even when experts agree that poor execution rates are at crisis levels and that this fact has an extremely detrimental effect on businesses, little is being done to address it. In fact, poor strategic execution rates have become so endemic that business leadership has given up and is exploring other avenues to control their destiny. Are we accepting defeat without a struggle by concluding that strategic execution has reached its pinnacle and there is no more there, there? Or are we facing a imminent paradigm shift?

SCSI was founded to help businesses control their ability to implement strategy more effectively and to reap the resulting benefits. The best strategy in the world poorly executed, is useless. Solving this will requires reinventing many “mature” decisional systems and methods of thinking. Our unique insight comes from decades of hands-on experience prototyping and developing strategic solutions across many industry sectors.

With our broad-based experience, it is very likely that we have fought the same real-world problems you face today. And, in the interest of advancing this technology, we established SCSI to share this knowledge. Although we are confident you will find Strategic Control© to be an elegant solution addressing many problems businesses face, it is not a simple solution. If it were, it would have been solved decades ago. We are not resting on our laurels though. We are also in the early stages of producing a commercial technology product to accelerate the application of this technology.

In spite of best efforts, today’s businesses achieve only 12% of their strategic objectives.

Many disciplines use strategy as a tool to optimize their results: military, business, investing, negotiating, education, and even personal improvement. Strategy is a multi-billion dollar industry, often developed and managed by the senior elite with hard-earned decades of experience across specialized disciplines. So why, even with these advantages, do most businesses still achieve only about 12% of their strategic objectives? The ability to deliver a project successfully averages between 30% and 40%, so that undoubtedly has an impact. But there must be more to the problem.

Decision making has  to address problems from multiple perspectives. We can’t do what we’ve been doing over and over and expect a different outcome.

In many situations, external teams are better positioned than a company’s internal team to discover opportunities and identify social and behavioral hurdles inhibiting strategic excellence. Our approach combines deep interdisciplinary skills, experience in multiple fields, and a proven track record for bringing innovative yet practical solutions to our clients.
Specialized Sciences Provide The Foundation For Strategic Control©

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Located in the greater Washington DC metro area, Strategic Control Sciences Inc. (SCSI) was founded to discover, advance, share, and apply scientific solutions that address strategic problem areas and to make complex decision-making systems less subjective. Unfortunately there is no one size fits all solution. Businesses require unique and creative solutions crafted to their operation by people who are vested in the business and driven to take advantage of the new opportunities this offers and to preserve hard-won value over time.

Strategic Control© improves strategic success rates linking business and objectives together.


While poor strategic execution rates are a real problem for businesses, they are not uncommon. This problem is persistent and entrenched in all types of businesses. Strategic Control Sciences has two objectives. First, to build and freely share knowledge of strategic control methods and approaches, and second, if that is not enough, to provide consulting services to help you with the hurdles. Either way, we will help businesses improve the effectiveness of strategy. Feel free to browse through the site, add questions and comments to the blog posts, or send us an email and we will get back as soon as possible.


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Questions to Ask Yourself


  • Do you want to make strategy relevant and active within your business?
  • Do you want to be able to re-plan and shift activities during the year and not have to wait until the next annual strategic cycle?
  • Do you want to be able to track strategic progress day by day?
  • Do you wonder if current objectives are optimal for your business or do you want to change them?
  • Do you want to react to internal and external changes without having to spin up annual corporate processes?